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Listing Appraisals

Listing appraisals are a great resource whether you are buying or selling a home. Not only can they provide a realistic value for a piece of real estate but they can also offer great insight into your immediate marketing area as well.

Our listing appraisals have been used by everyone from homeowners attempting to sell their home FSBO, Realtors who use the appraisal as a marketing tool, and buyers wanting to insure that they offer a fair price for a home.

These appraisals are performed to the exact same standards as a typical mortgage appraisal but we utilize a much more “user-friendly” reporting format to present the appraisal. The end result is a thorough but easy to understand report full of color photos, maps, a home sketch and a signed certification of value. Potential buyers will be very impressed with the upfront and thorough report and much more convinced that they home is priced right.

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